Bar Located in Westlake Village

Bar scenes mean different things to different age groups and different personalities. The younger people, more college age or wish they were still in college age want a more party atmosphere it seems. With loud music, sweaty people covering every inch of the floor, and bars that you have to shimmy to the front of to get a drink. Then there is the other group for the older more sophisticated crowd who want a more formal experience. One where you can sit at the bar and not be overcrowded, where you can have a romantic evening and hear what the person is saying. The Mediterraneo has just that feel in their Westlake Village bar.


They want people to feel welcomed and elegant to want to come back. To have a really classy night out while still enjoying the dance and drink atmosphere you get from a traditional bar. Try out the Westlake Village restaurant, The Mediterraneo if you are looking for a new date night spot. The have really nice options for drinks as well. You could be getting wines from Europe and eclectic cocktails.

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