Best Brunch Spots in Westlake Village.

A new trend in this decade is brunch. Brunch is that meal between breakfast and lunch to help those who wake up later, or want to meet up with friends later. If you are looking for a new brunch spot, try out The Mediterraneo a restaurant in Westlake Village. They have some incredible options for if you are looking to indulge or looking to stay healthy. This Westlake Village brunch really has something for everyone. They have what you are looking for in a brunch. They have mimosas to drink along with your avocado toast. With a brunch menu to satisfy everyone in your group, why wouldn’t you come on out and give it a try.


The Mediterraneo is a restaurant that has an incredible bar and brunch menu as well. They are attached to the resort of Westlake Village Inn. They have other restaurants that are attached to the property as well, all of which are worth trying. You want to give them all a try if you find yourself in Southern California. You want to stop in The Mediterraneo for a great brunch. They have a great menu for lunch and dinner as well, so do not think that if you missed brunch you missed your opportunity to try this great place.

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