Bucked shins
Bucked shins is a dorsal metacarpal disorder that is common with the race horses usually young ones in the early periods of their training. This is one of the major conditions that can lead to catastrophic injuries in the long run and will adversely affect the performance of your Thoroughbreds.
Prevention is far much better than cure! This is a sensational argument that is vital for each and every racehorse owner. Proper exercise keeps the cannon bones stronger and healthier but the intense of the strain and stress should come first as a safety precaution. The improper training schedule can be harmful to the bones causing overexertion which leads to the cannon bone’s inflammatory condition.
Sometimes prevention fails and the only solution is to take the right and appropriate cure. Here, the SynNutra Equine has got your back! The endogenous, all-natural herbal ingredients are all you need to get your racehorse back to form.The SynNutra Equine bears the responsibility of making sure that the health status of your racehorse is always your source of joy. Through the sophisticated research facilities incorporating the eastern medicine and western science, this company has been able to come up with all the health solution needed by any horseracing community.
The veterinary products here include supplements, herbal medicine, and many formulated Equine related products that have been tested and certified with guaranteed health performance and improvement. Bucked shins can be prevented but once it has developed, don’t let it be a headache, resolve to get the appropriate herbal cure for your racehorse.

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