The Importance of Using Lasix in Horses

Lasix is a drug used on horses to stop bleeding and is also known as salix. It contains Furosemide, and has been in use since 1970s. Recently, there has been a debate on whether its use should be discontinued. This is because it has been discovered to also improve the performance.

Here is a guideline on how the drug works and why you should consider SnyNutra Equine medication products on your horse:

When horses race at a high speed or are exercising. They are prone to a condition where the blood pressure from the artery on the right side of the heart that leads to the lungs has increased blood pressure. Due to the pressure, the capillaries in the lungs ruptures and bleeding starts. This may be evident in the nostrils where the blood is comes out.

SnyNutra Equine Company has worked extensively to provide the required medications for horses. They have widely researched and have come up with products that are herbal. The drugs are tested and known to stop bleeding and increasing performance without fatalities.

I can highly recommend that you use the Equine products on your horse and you will see the difference. The results are positive and guaranteed.

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