A Bar in Westlake Village.

Bars these days are outdated. They are loud to the point you can’t hear your friend who is yelling in your ear. They are very small, meaning you are smashed against so many people when you’re trying to dance or even just order a drink. Bogie’s Bar changed that it is a more elegant bar. One where they of have live music, that is just playing around not blasting at full volume throughout every inch of the bar. They also have a more inviting atmosphere. It is truly a great place to go a grab a drink with some friends.


Bogie’s Bar is a Westlake Village bar, that is a part of a resort. The resort is wonderful and beautiful with so many activities. Which allows for this bar to be a stop for both people visiting form out of town and those who live just around the corner. When you are visiting you want to make sure you are getting the feel for the place you are visiting. To really immerse yourself in the town, Bogie’s Bar is a great place to do that. This Westlake Village bar is a great place to go to get the feel of the town while enjoying a nice drink at a nice place.

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