The Stonehaus – Westlake Village Bar

Usually, the wine is selected for snacks, but it happens and vice versa. The most exquisite wines are served simple dishes. Cheese and fruit are perfect with both white and red, as do not interfere with the brightness and aroma of the bouquet. Another general rule: wine should be sweeter than food. Chocolate harmoniously complements dessert or sweet wines, fatty and salty dishes are better to wash down with tart wine. The Stonehaus restaurant in Westlake Village has all of these options.


A good theoretical preparation helps the waiter to determine the right direction, although an experienced restaurant employee will tell you that the best combination is not the one that is regulated by the rules, but what the customer likes most. It is important to competently start and successfully continue the dialogue. You cannot make negative comments about the choice of the guest, his or her pronunciation, or lack of awareness of wine and the etiquette associated with it. In the end, a happy and satisfied customer rewards with tips, moreover, he is more likely to return, which means that both the waiter and the establishment will benefit. This Westlake Village bar is one to check out for wine pairings. 

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