Westlake Village Banquet Hal

Dining, catering and banqueting services

The dining room of the resort at Westlake Village Inn is one of its leading units. For more than a century of history, a unique experience of clinical nutrition has been accumulated as one of the main components of a successful person’s recovery.

They have their own food factory, a staff of professional chefs and a production base equipped with the latest technological equipment. Therefore, they can guarantee compliance with all required standards while maintaining a varied menu that can satisfy any culinary needs. It is known that diet therapy is one of the main and most important links in the treatment of many diseases. For our guests, we offer four-six-course medical meals on a customized menu.


At the banquet hall in Westlake Village, you can also get professional advice from a gastroenterologist both in terms of your main disease, and on various dietary options, principles of therapeutic nutrition that are strictly followed in our country, because the right diet ensures good health, improves mood, brings satisfaction from the treatment.

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