The Westlake Village Inn is a luxury hotel. The hotel is located in Westlake Village, California, United States. It is found on the Agoura road halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. The hotel provides a magical experience. On the 17-acre property fenced by an iron fence are wonderful services and experiences provided by the Westlake Village Inn.
The Westlake Village Inn boasts of cobblestone paths, an enchanted lake, beautiful gardens and vineyards. There are delightful green landscapes that appear unending. All this hold you spellbound.
The hotel has about 141 deluxe accommodations that are well-appointed. There is also a venue for special occasions. These guarantees perfect place for your birthdays parties, weddings and meetings.
The Westlake Village Inn staff is alert and always cater for customers needs. They always deliver the best service. Westlake Village Inn offers to guests almost everything they ask for. This happens any time or day. You can book for reservations for your week-long stay or even a day event. That way you can enjoy the services of this inn.
If you are looking for an ideal hotel for your event, party, meeting or a honeymoon night, consider the Westlake Village Inn. This place guarantees satisfactory hotel experience. Those whole have visited the hotel give positive reviews about this hotel.

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