Wine is an excellent way to complement the delicious food, social functions or even a simple way out. If you and your friends are wine lovers or even if you are just beginning to enter the wine, it is important that you experience the many wonders that the vineyards have to offer. Then, before planning a trip to explore and visit some of in Westlake Village local wineries, be sure to read some of the best tips and suggestions on visiting vineyards and vineyard labels. Here are some tricks to help you on your next visit. Do not be afraid to try new and unknown things. By sticking only to the grapes you know, you may miss some of the special regional or hybrid grapes. You are likely to be asked "What kind of wine do you like?" very often, so be sure to have an aligned response. As an icebreaker, the tasting room servers tend to ask this question reflexively. If you discover that you are not very familiar or that you are not comfortable with wine, it will be difficult to give a good answer on the spot. If you think you can only be in dry wines, for example, it is always better to try some candies and vice versa. Discover where the grapes were grown. Today, many vineyards across the country use grapes grown in Westlake Village or other distant places. While there's nothing wrong with that, it's still fun to try the wines made with grapes that are locally grown in The Stonehaus winery. If, for some reason, you do not dare ask, take a look at the wine label. Typically, wines that say "bottled" are wines that have been grown just around the corner. The Stonehaus is a beautiful winery located in Westlake Village.


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