Westlake Village Inn is a beautiful and luxury resort located in California. This resort is full of various activites in which one can enjoy. One of its many features is Air Force One. This hotel, which is located in Westlake Village, holds itself up to high standards. Their Air Force One package makes it so guests can feel like a President. The room is a suite that is beautifully decorated, which artifacts and designs from Ronald Reagan’s presidency. It also offers the guest to go and visit the Reagan Library. Staying in the Air Force One suite at the Westlake Village Inn is a once in a life time opprounity for you and your loved one to connect with the past. It will create for an unforgettable weekend, stay, and trip after seeing all the history that the hotel has to offer. Staying at a hotel in Westlake Village isn’t the same as staying a beautiful resort at Westlake Village Inn.

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