Event Catering in Westlake Village

Just a few terms that you should take into account, according to the event catering restaurant in Westlake Village in The Mediterraneo. Read the golden tips about event catering in this article. 1. A vegetarian alternative for every dish The vegetarian selection is an important, growing development. It is not of this time to classify a vegetarian preference under the heading 'diets and allergies'. Therefore offer a vegetarian alternative for each dish. It is cheaper, provides more variation and less is thrown away. 2. Make no secret of your budget Be transparent about the budget so that a suitable proposal is made immediately.


Of course, a caterer still tries to write under budget. On the other hand, you also make it negotiable in advance if something is not feasible. So honest and stimulating creativity. In addition: everyone can give a budget indication in advance. 3. Compare and taste Choice of one is not a choice. It is not necessary to have 5 different caterers work out a proposal and that is not even allowed at some locations. But make sure you have something to choose: check the online references (from reputable companies are available), compare different quotes and do not just assume pricing and visual material. A proud caterer always invites you for a tasting. The Mediterraneo is a great restaurant in Westlake Village.

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